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Viola Mims
Reelect for Village Clerk 

Viola Mims



Viola Mims has served residents of Maywood as the Village Clerk for 4 years, her goal has been access and transparency in the Village Clerk’s office. Her task is predicated upon being responsive and meeting the operational needs required by the Clerk for the residents of Maywood. She is committed to ensuring that customer service is viewed as the priority and requires that all residents are engaged in the process that portrays a user friendly operation.  Under her leadership, request are processed in a timely and efficient manner. She is committed to developing and enhancing known resources that are and should be available in a community that aids community residents’ growth and prosperity.


Viola Mims is a Graduate of Proviso East High School and resident of Maywood for over 35 Years. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from West Wood College and also attended Triton College. She is the Owner and Real Estate Managing Broker of Vintage Realtors & Associates in Maywood, Illinois. She worked for 27 years at the United States Postal Service as Manual Distribution Clerk and Supervisor. 

Her community involvements are distinguished by membership in numerous organizations such as NOMCO, Maywood Chamber of Commerce (Executive Board Member, Committeeman Economic Development Committee), Interfaith Illinois, INC. (General Member), Neighborhood Restorative Justice Mediation (Certified Mediator), Royal Christian Faith Center (Executive Board Member), Proviso-Leyden Council for Community Action (PLCCA) (Housing Counselor) and Legal Women Voters (Executive Board Member).


 As a business owner, Viola Mims understands the importance of unity and giving back to the community.  She believes in providing information to the public and empowering each resident on processes that will enable them to remain conscientious and supportive of activities that cultivate stability and growth in the Village of Maywood. She currently works in Real Estate Management. She has also provided support and services to those less informed about the housing market on areas such as foreclosure prevention, credit repair and financial and credit stability.

Viola Mims has the best interest of the Village of Maywood and its residents.  As a Village clerk she ensures that her departmental municipal records are current and meet governmental requirements. She also ensures that all village commitments are honored and that the Village image is viewed by both constituents and partners with the utmost respect and integrity.